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What are the Features and uses of Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine?

May. 23, 2020

As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, share with the answers and answers. Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine and pneumatic mechanism cooperate with continuous operation mode, which can automatically complete functions such as automatic cup fall, coffee powder filling, sterilization, pneumatic cylinder monitoring, automatic film feeding, automatic film cutting, sealing, and automatic cup output. It has the characteristics of compact structure, high degree of automation, easy use, simple maintenance and high production efficiency. Can work continuously for 24 hours. The whole machine adopts stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper and other anti-corrosion materials to meet food hygiene and safety standards, stable performance, and can be widely used for filling and sealing various capsule coffee products such as Nespresso, K cup, Lavazza, V cup, Espresso , The sealing is neat and even, the sealing is good, no water leakage, no air permeability.

Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine

Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine

◆ Working principle and structure of coffee capsule filling and sealing machine-1 cup machine

The whole machine is composed of main drive, drop cup, feeding, filling, metering, film suction by manipulator, heat sealing, finished product transportation and electrical control. When the motor is running, it simultaneously drives the forward movement of the membrane plate and the up and down movement of the pad head and the work of the water pump. It is realized by connecting rods and chain transmission. A proximity switch is used to control the opening and closing time of the three solenoid valves to control the movement of the cylinder.

Notes on the use of coffee capsule filling and sealing machine-1 cup machine

1. Connect the air pressure to the machine and turn on the air source, make sure there is 0.75-0.85 air pressure.

2. Check the power switch and make sure the manual / stop / auto switch is in the stop position.

3. Insert the machine power plug into the AC220V single-phase three-wire socket, and make sure that the grounding is good.

4. Turn the manual / stop / auto switch on the control panel to the manual position, turn on the power switch, and the power indicator light is on at this moment.

5. Turn on the temperature controller switch, set the sealing temperature and allow the heating element to heat up, and it can rise to the set temperature in about 10 minutes.

6. The temperature of the head to be heated up to the set temperature.

7. If you turn the manual / stop / auto switch to the manual position, feel free to press any of the enable switches corresponding to the indicator light, the machine starts to execute the corresponding program.

8. Turn the manual / stop / auto switch to the automatic position, and the other enable switches are not opened. At this time, only move the board. If you need to seal and other functions, open the corresponding enable switch. After the product is sealed, check whether the sealing is firm when sending from the cup, and make appropriate adjustments according to the specific situation.

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