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Innovation makes Packaging Machinery mysterious

Nov. 22, 2019

The mystery is curiosity, and mystery can always make people curious. In the progress of the times, there are more mysteries in our lives. Rotary type Automatic Box Packing Machine debuted in the market, won applause, and won laughter and laughter. The praise of the market has made the filling machine have a broader development. Packaging machinery intentionally builds itself into the market, and it is very good to use itself. The development of packaging machinery is to satisfy the market and to achieve market pursuit is difficult. It is also difficult to achieve market pursuit.

Rotary type Automatic Box Packing Machine

Rotary type Automatic Box Packing Machine

Satisfying the market's individualized demand is the market that the packaging machine insists on. It is also the responsibility of the packaging machine to satisfy the market's pursuit. It is also the responsibility of the packaging industry. I believe that in the progress of the times, packaging opportunities will be stronger and bigger with their own efforts. The packaging machinery visually displays the product information and has the functions of fault self-alarm, self-stop, self-diagnosis, and the desire to mature makes the development of the packaging machine more rapid. Not afraid of hard learning is also the possession of packaging machine progress, the introduction of advanced technology, mastering advanced technology, and always exerting its own strength in the progress of the times.

The packaging machinery that dares to challenge is always working hard. It is always in the development of the times, to do it yourself, and the packaging machinery that is good at solving problems is so cute. The strength of the packaging machinery is such a bold, is such a dare to struggle, looking for the road to allow packaging machinery to accumulate more development pursuits. The charm of packaging machinery is exuded, and innovation makes the arrival of packaging machinery mysterious.

Daily repair and maintenance of Box/Carton/Bag Packing Machine:

The method of repairing and maintaining the powder packaging machine is to do the lubrication of the parts:

1. The machine part of the machine is equipped with an oil meter. It should be refueled once before driving. It can be added in the middle according to the temperature rise and operation of each bearing.

2. The worm gearbox must store the oil for a long time. The height of the oil surface is all invaded into the oil. If it is used frequently, it must be replaced with new oil every three months. There is an oil plug at the bottom of the sputum.

3. When the machine is refueling, do not let the oil spill out of the cup, and do not flow around the machine and on the ground. Because oil is easy to contaminate materials, affecting product quality.

Packing machine maintenance process and method:

1. Regularly check the machine parts once a month to check whether the worm gear, the worm, the bolts on the lubrication block, the bearing and other moving parts are flexible and wearable. The defects should be repaired in time and should not be used barely.

2. The machine should be placed in a dry and clean room. It should not be used in places where the atmosphere contains acids and other gases that are corrosive to the body.

3. After the machine is used or stopped, the rotating drum should be taken out to clean and brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then it is ready to be prepared for the next use.

4. If the deactivation time is long, the machine must be wiped clean, the smooth surface of the machine is coated with anti-rust oil, and covered with a cloth.

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