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What are the Reasons why Nespresso Coffee Filling Packing Machine is not Tightly Sealed?

Feb. 08, 2020

As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, I would like to share with you the following reasons:

(1) Insufficient heat-sealing temperature

Under normal circumstances, when the total thickness of the bag made of OPP is 80-90 μm, the heat-sealing temperature must be 170-180 ° C; At this time, the temperature should be controlled at 180 ~ 200 ℃. As long as the total thickness of the bag is increased, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly.

(2) Heat sealing speed is too fast

Sealing is not related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the seal can be heated in the future by the traction roller to the cold pressing place for cooling treatment, which naturally cannot meet the heat seal quality requirements.

(3) The pressure of the cold pressure rubber wheel is not suitable

There is one upper and lower cold-pressed rubber wheel, and the pressure between them should be moderate. You only need to clamp the spring when adjusting the pressure.

(4) There is a problem with the quality of the heat-sealing film

Sealing is not related to the quality of the heat-sealing film. If the corona treatment of the composite lining is not uniform, the effect is not good, and it just happens to be at the sealing place, and it cannot be sealed. This situation is rare, but once it occurs, the product must be scrapped. Therefore, in the color printing and packaging industry, it is the next process to supervise the previous process. When a quality problem is found, the cause must be analyzed and resolved in time.

WCoffee Capsule Packing Machine

Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

As a major category of the Nespresso Coffee Filling Packing Machine industry, the automatic filling and sealing machine can be said to be accepted and given priority in the promotion of plastic sealing machines. The plastic sealing machine can live up to the expectations of the food industry.

Fully automatic filling and sealing machine is a device for hermetically sealing product packaging. Usually, in actual work, the sealing machine is not used alone. It is usually used together with filling and filling machines to form a production line for product packaging. The container-product filling filling-sealing machine sealing integrated machine was born in this way. The seal has the following situations:

Plastic bag sealing machine is the first equipment for sealing and sealing of plastic bags in snack foods, and it is also the main supporter of the food industry. It makes the snack industry continue to progress and sell well in the market.

Secondly, it is a fully automatic filling and sealing machine. Common types of yogurt, common soy milk, milk tea, and coffee are sealed using a sealing machine. This sealing machine uses aluminum foil film heat sealing technology. The sealing is not easy to open. The preservation of food and beverages is very guaranteed. This is the key to the plastic sealing machine occupying a certain share in the sealing machine industry.

Our company also has Coffee Capsule Packing Machine for sale, welcome to consult.

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