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What Problems do I often Encounter when Packing with Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine?

Feb. 22, 2020

As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, share with you. Powder packaging machine can be described as a kind of equipment in packaging machinery, which is targeted at products such as powder and powder. Because these products are composed of relatively fine dust, there will be some waves in the production process. Therefore, it is very important for them to make the production of powder products and reduce dust flying. So what are the problems of Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine when it comes to powder packaging?

Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine

Coffee Capsule Box Packing Machine

After several tests on the powder packaging machine, it was found that there are some problems in the time of packaging the dyes. If these problems are not handled properly, it will directly affect the packaging quality. If the automatic verification system is set, will it be changed?

When packing dyes, one operation is still needed to assist the equipment to complete the operation together, such as the insertion of empty cardboard boxes, the set of inner bags and the activation of buttons, all need to be completed manually. And the spiral feeding method exists to grind the fine particles of the dye into powder, on the one hand, the load is added to burn the motor, and on the other hand, the quality of the dye may be damaged.

The heat-sealing method used in other powder packaging machines to seal the inner bag has a problem of poor quality in actual use. It may be due to the accidental extraction of dye dust on the sealed inner bag when using vacuum extraction. However, the temperature is high during heat sealing, so the dye cannot be gasified and the heat seal quality will be poor.

It is a kind of charging equipment that divides bulk materials into predetermined materials by automatic weighing method. It contains one or more weighing units and one or more automatic feeding equipment associated with it, as well as corresponding control equipment and discharging equipment.

On this basis, an automatic verification system is added to the powder packaging machine. When the packaging machine is abnormal or faulty, the automatic verification equipment can detect it and make a correct response to prevent the problem from further expanding and help increase. Packaging accuracy.

Effect of powder packaging machine:

It reduces labor efficiency, improves labor standards, protects the ecological environment, saves raw materials, and reduces labor costs. Ensure the environmental hygiene and safety of powder packaging products, improve product quality, and enhance competitiveness.

The product's validity period is increased, the product circulation is convenient, and the vacuum pump, pump, and aseptic packaging machine can make the product circulation wider, and increase the shelf life of the product.

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