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Reliability of the Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

Aug. 02, 2019

As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, let's talk about the reliability of the Coffee Capsule Packing Machine.

Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

1. Special machine tool processing, each station mold runs on a reference surface, and the processes of cup making, filling, sealing, benchmarking, nitriding, punching, and cutting are all on the same level to ensure the synchronization of each station. Make the Coffee Capsule Packing Machine run smoothly.

2. Nitrogen treatment system: nitrogen is introduced into the cup and the air in the cup is discharged by a positive pressure of nitrogen. The closed working area will be filled with nitrogen to maintain a positive pressure, ensuring that the product is in a nitrogen-filled environment throughout the filling to the welding seal. The prospective product has a longer and more stable shelf life.

3. Pneumatic guarantee: use fixed-point production cylinders and brand-name pneumatic parts.

4. Electrical system guarantee: use brand-name electrical components.

5. Production hygiene guarantee: stainless steel appearance.

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