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What are the Requirements of K Cup Filling Sealing Machine for Operators?

May. 18, 2020

As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, share with me. The sealing machine has very high technical operation requirements in safety technology, and it also needs special personnel to manage, use and maintain. Therefore, the operator needs to have an understanding of the structure and performance of the sealing machine, and can correctly grasp the operation method. So, what are the requirements for the operator before and after the operation of the sealing machine?

K Shot Filling Sealing Machine

K Shot Filling Sealing Machine

Before the operation

1. Check whether the operation room of the sealing machine is ventilated and whether the environment meets the safety requirements.

2. Check whether the connecting parts of the sealing machine are firm and loose.

3. After confirming that the power is on, the sealing machine warms up normally and the braking device is flexible.

4. Check whether the power cord and protective measures of the sealing machine are intact.

5. Whether the operator's dress is correct.


1. The operation requires a dedicated operator to be responsible, and the operator must stand in a safe position.

2. The operator's feeding and sealing should be done according to the regulations.

3. If there is abnormal noise or sudden stop during the operation of the sealing machine, it is necessary to disconnect the power immediately and find someone to repair it.

4. During operation, the tools on the workbench should be firmly fixed to avoid falling and hurting people.

After the homework

1. Turn off the power and maintain and maintain the sealing machine.

2. Clean the workplace and keep the working environment clean.

The K Cup Filling Sealing Machine in the city is mainly used to seal the packaging, and this machine now packs more food, especially bags, fillings, boxes and other products. Speaking of this sealing device, there are actually some refined products that are processed. Among them is a machine that processes and seals the capsule. The use of this machine is mainly to seal the connection part of the capsule. To a good sealing effect. 

This is a device that is still novel at present, and the current capsules are not only used in medicines, but also in current beverages. A coffee capsule has appeared in foreign countries. This is due to the coffee capsule sealing machine. The main purpose of processing sealed products is to provide convenience to those who need coffee.

Especially on some special occasions, such as the plane is generally not allowed to bring liquid, and this capsule can be more convenient to carry and use, this is currently a relatively special product. There are not many coffee capsules currently used in China, but the future it has is relatively large and the prospects are very impressive.

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