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What's So Good About Coffee Capsules?

Jun. 28, 2019

Do you know the origin of coffee capsules? What's so good about coffee capsules? As a Coffee Capsule Product Line Factory, let's share it with you.

The concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976, dedicated to capsule coffee machines. Under the leadership of Eric Favre, Nestlé launched the world's first coffee capsule product, Nespresso. In 1986, Nestlé officially established its coffee capsule division and Nespresso SA was formally established.

Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

Coffee Capsule Packing Machine

In the beginning, capsule packaging was applied in the coffee field. Because the capsule wall is relatively hard and maintains the prototype well at high temperatures, high-pressure steam can be injected into the capsule, so that the coffee is completely precipitated under the pressure of the crema. That is coffee fat, rich espresso, which can better ensure the mellowness of coffee. The quality of each cup of coffee made at the same time can be basically the same. Therefore, coffee capsules are widely acclaimed. Today, capsule packaging is an innovative packaging form that breaks the wall of the sub-division, breaks out of the coffee industry, and enters every field. With its novelty, portability, ease of use, and strong barrier properties, it is quickly obtained. The majority of consumers love.

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